Learn more about the CAC Teen ministry:

Every teen wants meaning in their life, and search in the Church answers to at least three questions related to God and His Word:

1) Utility
2) Meaning
3) Practicality

The Radical ministry trains, prepares and guides adolescents aged 13 to 18, members or not of the Church, for that the word of God may have Utility, Meaning and Practicality in their life.

For this, a large work is done by developing principles and Christian values, to be able to impact this generation reflecting the character of Christ.

We value the gifts and talents that God has given to each one, respecting the individuality and giving freedom to develop and express spontaneously their praise to the Creator.

We also offer support and the necessary care for the Young Christian development in order to make them conscious citizens, safe, and prepared to face the responsibilities, commitments and demands of life.

To develop extraordinary abilities in ordinary people. This is our target!
Leadership Radical