Porta da Palavra

The missionary project “Porta da Palavra” started with this photo on the side. The photo taken from the inside of a church in the mountains of Nepal. These photos only show the path taken and the natural habitat of those brothers, but does not show the real condition of the Church of Christ in that country.

Knowing the growth and the movement of the Holy Spirit in this place, Christian Agape Centre decided to help the missionary works done by the Church Darmikta Mandhall. Pastor Padam Nath Parajuli is the responsible person for this church.

Withal praying also for us, that God would open unto us a door of utterance, to speak the mystery of Christ…
Colossians 4:3

In 2013 we started to build the church on the village Lolin (image number 1), in 2014 we started building the second church, localized on Village Gundhi (image number 2). For the inauguration of this new property, our pastor Jose Wanderlei was present, and had the opportunity of giving support and meeting other churches that needed help.

One of the most visited place, and still in need of help, is situated in the region of Mount Everest (image number 3), this will be our new project for 2016: A new church.

What we’ve done

In partnership to the church Darmikta Mandhali, many projects were done:

  • Construction of the church on Lolim village. (image number 1).
  • Construction of the church on Gundhi village. (image number 2).
  • A year’s salary for two missionaries.
  • Support for the reconstruction of the central temple in Kathmandu.
  • A start on the construction of the new church on the Mount Everest region. (image number 3).

The project “Porta da Palavra” is a independent work, and needs your help to continue.

Be our partner in this mission. Be a partner of this worldwide movement.

In Nepal’s Heart

A mission is done with the feet of those who go, with knees of those who stay and with the hand of those who contributes.