Learn more about the women of CAC: Ladies Meeting

Christianity rescued the woman and raised to their true condition before God. In the early church, they took their space and had their work recognized. Some women stood out for their involvement in the social care service.

The first to be mentioned is Dorcas (Acts 9.36-42), moved by the love of God, He used her life to serve others in the city of Joppa, with acts of charity. It is so much that her death brought great sadness to the point of Peter being called to pray for her resurrection. A fact draws attention in this story: She was also called a disciple.

Like Dorcas, we have many women in our modern society that stands out for serving. The Department Ladies Meeting is an instrument of God so that the same spirit that moved Dorcas may also move women today. We are a ministry that is concerned with the social service, with the welfare of families, and with the spiritual life of a woman.

For this reason, we have programs to meet these needs, so that no woman may feel alone in New Zealand. Every 2nd Saturday of the month we have a meeting, and you can check each of our activities on our official Facebook page. Come and see!

There was at Joppa a disciple named DORCAS. She was notable for good works …
Acts 9:36