What is a connection group (also known as "cell")?

The bible compares the church of Christ to the human body, showing that many members compose the same body. The cell is the base for any body and the sum of all the members compose a body. The same happens with the church: the cell (connection group) is what we call the Christian community base, a group of people doing weekly gathering for communion, worship, solidification and evangelism. The scriptures command us to develop relationships of mutual edification. To gather is not only to worship and preach, but also prayer and ministration onto others (Hebrews 10:24,25). Every member that makes up the body of Christ is a parson and should serve upon the Lord our brothers, and the connection group is the best place where we practice this principle.

Jesus used people’s house while his ministry, leaving us an example that was followed by the apostles, and we understand that we should be followed by the church too.

The Vertical connection group (cell) happens in homes, every Tuesday at 7:30pm and you can join as well. Subscribe to the official page of Vertical Ministries in Facebook and you’ll be up to everything that is happening in the Vertical, including the address where each group is meeting. Don’t you know how to get there? Leave a message in the and you will receive all the information. We look forward to meeting you!