What was before known as “Missionary Lunch”, now is a well-known Brazilian cultural event. At the start our public was basically our members from Christian Agape Centre. Today our public broke cultural barriers, where as we were able to attract many people from different countries strengthening our main idea.

The Brazilian Cultural Festival (Feijoada) from CAC, became a reference for many that are far away from home, specially Brazilians, as the “Feijoada” is now a meeting every third week of the month.

We get help from our group of Samba (A cultural Brazilian music style) called Adoração Samba Club, a blessed Samba ministry, making the environment pleasant, playing the songs that talk about our Lord, in a different way.

Apart from the main plate being a special dish, prepared with care, we also have a delicious desert, with the taste of Brazil.

A pleasant environment, a cultural diversity a quality service, all combined to an affordable price, contributes to the success of the event. Each month around 300 people come to enjoy this amazing moment.

We invite you too to participate in this event that has become a “tourist attraction of Auckland”

Feijoada CAC, bringing you to the community!