Welcome to the Praise Ministry Agape Worship!

This department first of all, it is a ministry, that is, service. Our main purpose is to SERVE the Lord with our gifts and talents. For us It’s a granted, high privilege and a great responsibility as well. Privilege because to worship the creations and the Author is an honor and a big responsibility because while we worship, we also conduct people to love it too, without losing the focus of our ministry, in which is GOD.

It is true that some songs have messages that are intended to meeting participants. They are outreaching songs that teach us about God and bring us closer to God. This is correct and necessary. However, we must be aware that the purpose of our praise should be to please God’s heart.

If people appreciate the praise being given, great, we work for it, but this should not be our priority. All people entering the CAC, will be invited to worship the Lord with us, because while we fulfill our role as worshipers, others receive the same privilege and responsibility, whether in the pulpit or not, You will be part of the group of people that the Lord is seeking: TRUE WORSHIPERS.

… the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such people to worship him.
John 4:23